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When: Saturday April 28, 2018

We will meet at Keith Rich’s house, 2498 Bergland Road, Emmett, ID., 83617, 562-631-2667 (c), 208-365-7403 (h), at 9:00 AM.  The range we’ll use is outdoors near Keith’s house.  Dress appropriately.

Bring your handgun(s) & magazines, sufficient supply of ammo, and ear/eye protection.  Chris will be the rangemaster.

After shooting, we will return to Keith’s for lunch. Those who come, please bring something for the lunch.  Menu is simple:  hot dogs/hamburgers & buns, chips, whatever else.  Keith will make lemonade with fresh lemons from California and provide the condiments.  He will fire up his grill.

Things we’ll need on site:

small tables
  target stands
  sheets of cardboard
If you have any of these that you can bring, let Paul Bruening know.  Also, confirm to him by Saturday, April 21 that you will be attending for equipment and lunch planning.  If you want to car pool from Nampa, meet at the church by 8:15 AM and we will leave for Keith’s right around that time.  Please don’t be late.

  SAFETY WILL BE EMPHASIZED! This event is important and should be a lot of fun!

For more information, contact Paul Bruening,  208-880-1854,