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2018 Rock Family Camp: August 17-19, Camp Cascade, Donnelly, Idaho

Cost breakdown: Housing Food (4 meals) Total

Individual-- $44 + $32 = $76

Couple-- $88 + $64 = $152

Family of three $132 + $96 = $228

Family of four $116 + $128 = $244

Family of five $116 + $160 = $276

Family of six $116 + $192 = $308

Family of seven $116 + $224 = $340

Family of eight $116 + $256 = $372

Price of meals is fixed at $8 per meal.  (Children 6 and under $4 per meal)

There are some space limitations so sign up as soon as possible. A nonrefundable deposit of $25 is due by June 17th.


  • Each cabin has beds to sleep either 7 or 9. There is a queen size bunk bed with a twin overhead and the rest are single bunk beds.
  • These are free-standing cabins so there are no water facilities in any cabin. There is a common bath house close by the cabin area.
  • Campers will need to bring their own linens or sleeping bags.
  • Four meals will be prepared and served by Camp Cascade.
  • A snack table will be available throughout the camp with treats provided by you!
  • Please Note: If there are any special diets or allergies, we NEED to know ASAP. Camp Cascade provides the special diet for those needing it.


Questions: Any questions can be addressed to Michele Messmer.

Pictures: has links to pictures of the facilities. It also has a list of activities available.