What is Lifetree Café?

Who? When? Where?

WHO: Young adults, college and high school students are invited!

WHEN: Mondays @ 7pm

WHERE: The Flying M Coffee Garage:

October 2nd:

This week features a screening of the award-winning short film The Last Race, the story of a family forced to decide whether to donate the organs of a loved one.

October 9th:

This week features a filmed interview with Sam Brower, the private investigator who cracked open the case that led to the arrest of Warren Jeffs, the leader of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints.

October 16th:

This week we will discover how to boost their confidence and gain more personal success. We will also see the award-winning independent film My Friend Peter.

October 23rd:

This week we will view an exclusive filmed interview with musician and author Daryl Davis and then have the opportunity to discuss our own experiences with prejudice or racism.

October 30th:

This week will feature a filmed interview with Karen McCracken, a woman diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and author of Breaking Free From OCD.