What is Lifetree Café?

Who? When? Where?

WHO: Young adults, college and high school students are invited!

WHEN: Mondays @ 7pm

WHERE: The Flying M Coffee Garage:

January 8th:

"Make the Most of Your Life: A perspective that will change your life...forever.

January 15th:

Showing "Life in Reverse"—a film that gives viewers a chance to see what life was life for Florence Feldman who, for 10 years, served as a caregiver as her mother slowly sank into dementia.

January 22nd:

What's coming in the future and how will it affect you? Will history repeat itself? See what Thomas Fray, the executive director and senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute, had to say about these questions as well as driverless cars, shifting jobs, and 3D printing.

January 29th:

What’s the secret to making friendships last? Hear from a group of middle-school buddies decades later about their longstanding friendships.